Recent Residential Projects

Ready to enhance the look of your home's exterior? Want to put an end to cleaning out clogged gutters? We can help.

Southeast Seamless has the expertise to handle everything from small repairs and room additions to new garages or homes. Take a look at most recent residential projects and contact us now for a free estimate!

Raised house to place poured wall basement.
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R100 - Raised house to place poured wall basement..   R101 - Cribbing under raised house.   R102 - New exterior siding, windows, fascia, soffits, gutters & downspouts.
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R103 - Added scallops to peak of victorian house.   R104 - Siding, fascia, soffit, gutters & downspouts.   R105 - Fascia, soffits, gutters & downspouts on older ranch style house.
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R106 - Gutters & downspouts on new construction.   R107 - Gutters & downspouts on new constructon.   R108 - Gutters & downspouts on new construction.
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R109 - Gutters & downspouts on older house.   R110 - Gutters & downspouts on split-level house.   R111 - Gutter & downspouts on two-story home.
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R112 - Siding, windows, fascia, soffit, gutters & downspouts.   R113 - Gutters & downspouts on two-story house.   R114 - Gutters, downspouts & Raintrap® gutter covers on two-story house and garage.
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R115 - Replaced gutters & downspouts on victorian style house.   R116 - Full gutters & downspouts on new construction.   R117 - New siding, fascia, soffit, gutters & downspouts on older ranch style house.
R118 - Garage door wraps.   R119 - Gutters & downspouts on new construction.   R120 - Total bathroom remodel in 1960's home; vanity with double sink.
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R121 - Replaced gutters & downspouts.   R122 - New gutters & downspouts on garage.   R123 - Gutters & downspouts on older stucco house.
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R124a - New deck & remodeled porch. Replaced storm windows, fascia, soffits, gutters, Raintrap® gutter covers & downspouts.   R124b - New deck with railing.   R125a - BEFORE: house that will have old deck removed & a bigger, new deck installed.
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R125b - AFTER: new deck installed.   R126 - AFTER: new deck with railing.   R127 - New windows in older two-story home.
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R128 - New windows and window wraps on upper dormer.   R129a - BEFORE: rotted fascia board, soffit & leaky gutters.   R129b - AFTER: new fascia, soffit & gutters.
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R130 - AFTER: new wooden deck with railing.   R131 - Scallops, new window and window wrap with topper.   R132 - Siding, scallops, fascia, soffits, gutters & downspouts on older home.
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R133 - Scallops, window, knee brace covers on older home.   R134 - Gutters & downspouts on split-level home.   R135 - Interior Trim & Molding
Outdoor Porch   Deck   Deck
R136 - Outdoor porch with railing   R137 - New wooden deck   R138 - Interior basement remodel
Kitchen Remodel Before   Kitchen Remodel After  
R139 - Kitchen Remodel Before   R137 - Kitchen Remodel After